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The Vilgax Exosuit.


Vilgax is the main villain in the first season of Ben 10. He is a squid-like alien who returns to battle Ben later in the series.

"The Vilgax exosuit is a hard-hitting bruiser with plenty of offensive power."-Project Exonaut


This Exosuit has 3 shield, 4 regen, 3 speed, 2 jetpack and 5 tech, making it a well-balanced fighter.

Weapon ModEdit

Chimera StrikeEdit

"The alien technology in this mod makes the Marksman twice as threatening by giving it two projectiles instead of just one."-Project Exonaut. The Marksman is a powerful, long range weapon which fires one shot that does decent damage, but with this mod, it becomes twice as powerful as before. This mod is a reference to his ship, the Chimerean Hammer