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Van Kleiss's exosuit

Van Kleiss is an uncurable evo from Generator Rex. He wants to take over the world and start a new era for evos. He can absorb nanites from other evos and create evos. He has a metal arm that can fire off sharp metal needles and stretch. He is also known to have the abilty to regenerate while in Abysus.

"Van Kleiss exosuit specializes in both speed and precision"-Project Exonaut


This exosuit has stats of 2 armor, 3 regen, 4 speed, 2 jet, and 5 tech. Despite Van Kleiss being able to regenerate from being sliced in two by the BFS he has a regen rate of 3. The most notable trait is 5 tech. This shows how both Rex and Van Kleiss's control over nanites alow them to activate any machine.

Van Kleiss

The real Van Kleiss

Weapon ModEdit

Nanite ControlEdit

"Accuracy is normally one of the wildfire's weakest points, but this mod infuses every shot with nanites, allowing for much greater precision"-Project Exonaut. The wildfire is a machinegun-type weapon firing quick random shots but loses accuracy. This mod gives greater control so it can focus better and have less shots miss. The nanite control is referance to how Van Kleiss has control over his nanites.