Exosuit in the game.


Humungousaur in his regular form

Ultimate Humungousaur is an evolved form of Humungousaur. He is from Ben 10: Ultimate Alien and is one of Ben's strongest aliens too. His strenght is greatly increased when he evolved. He also gains tougher skin due to millions of simulated battles. His most notable feature is that he can fire fire unstable bone fragments a lot like missles. It is unknown if in his ultimate form if humungousaur can grow or not. His exosuit is available for Atlas Brigade at Level 10 for 750 credits. "The Ultimate Humungousaur exosuit is a tough, strong armor"-Project Exonaut


Ult.Humungousaur has 4 in both armor and regen. But he has a 2 for speed, jet, and tech. His armor and regen comes from how Humungousaur is one of Ben's toughest aliens. His speed also shows how humungousaur is also one of the slower aliens in the arsenal.
Ulthumungousaur wall paper

The actual ultimate humungousaur

Weapon ModEdit

Humungous CoreEdit

"By enlarging the energy core to humungous porportions allows the Tridex to fire five shots instead of three"-Project Exonaut. The mod allows the Tridex to fire five shots instead of the normal three. It also makes the shots a little closer together hammering the enemy with multiple shots. The name comes from how Humungousaur is a mix of humungous and dinosaur. It can also be that Humungousaur sounds like Humungous Core.