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The Tempest exosuit is one of the three starter exosuits a new player can choose from when first logging in and choosing the Banzai Squadron. The Tempest is not based off any Cartoon Network Universe characters, but named after a synonym for a powerful storm. "The Tempest exosuit is a balanced fighter for Banzai Squadron." -Project Exonaut


  • Shield 3
  • Regen 3
  • Speed 3
  • Jetpack 3
  • Tech 3

As stated by the Project Exonaut description, the Tempest is a a well-balanced fighter that excels in no particular area, but has no particular weaknesses either. This suit is recommended for novice players, considering its versatility.

Weapon ModEdit

Hailstorm ClipsEdit

"Doubling the clip size means half as many reloads, making it easier to fill the map with a hailstorm of of Tridex shots." This weapon and mod matches the Tempest's already balanced stats, leaving it with no strengths or weaknesses, but allows for the Tempest to remain effective in firefights longer.