Ninja Model


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The Ninja exosuit is one of the three starter exosuits a new player can choose from when first logging in and choosing the Banzai Squadron. The Ninja is not based off any Cartoon Network Universe characters, but instead based off the real-world assassins of Japan, generally associated with speed. "The Ninja exosuit is Banzai Squadron's quick strike specialist." -Project Exonaut


  • Shield 2
  • Regen 4
  • Speed 4
  • Jetpack 2
  • Tech 4

The blend of regeneration, speed, and tech with a lack of armor and jet make the Ninja an adept hit-and-run ground fighter, being able to hack another suit quickly and get out and heal. The high Tech ability allows the Ninja to pick-up boosts that can cover weaknesses in its armor and low attack.

Weapon ModEdit

Shuriken ShotEdit

"Based on the efficiency of ancient thrown weapons, this mod gives the Wildfire bigger clips and shorter reload times." This weapon and mod meshes with the Ninja's hit-and-run style, allowing an increase in quick offensive bursts.