Here's some info and tips on the maps of Project Exonaut.

Kylmyys: Home world to the necrofriggians or Big Chills with many places to hide, yet many places to be cornered in. at the top the map is a open area with a large object in the center. The bottome part of the map is a labratory with samll areas and a chamber in the middle, There are many small areas in the bottom part of the map making it a prime battling location for players who prefer to pin down the enemy in a small space.

Perplexahedron: This stage is based on cube shaped maze planet in Ben 10 Ultimate Alien. The fight will take place in a small stage with symetrical platfroms in it. It is small compared to the other stages and is a place of great andvantage and disadvantage, making it a diffucult stage to master.

Finn's Treehouse:This stage is based on Finn's tree house in Adventure Time. Every platform is big enough for a fight. It is possble that it is the second smallest map to Perplexahedron.

Stormalong Harbor:A harbor where Flapjack has most of his adventures. You may fight along the wooden docks or journey through the connected sewers. The top of the map is mostly open space except for a roof, a platform above, and 3 ways to the sewer. You walk on metalic pathways that are usually straight lines and curved spaces.

Abysus Castle:The very place where the nanite event occured. It consists of a giant castle and over grown plants. You fight on the castle and underground on chunks of earth and overgrown vines. Unlike the Perplexahedron most platforms are curved and bumpy due to the vegitation and landscape.