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The Dragon exosuit is one of the three starter exosuits a new player can choose from when first logging in and choosing the Banzai Squadron. The Dragon is not based off any Cartoon Network Universe characters, but instead is named after the mytical beast. "The Dragon exosuit is Banzai Squadron's heavy hitter." -Project Exonaut


  • Shield 4
  • Regen 2
  • Speed 2
  • Jetpack 4
  • Tech 2

The Dragon exosuit features a high shield rating, allowing for it to survive intense firefights, but is limited in follow-up fights due to its low regeneration and speed. It's high jetpack stat gives the Dragon good aerial combat sustainment and the low tech rating limits the Dragon's use of boosts, which is negiligible due to its high offense and defense.

Weapon ModEdit

Fangs of FuryEdit

"With a faster rate of fire and longer range, this mod adds even more "bite" to the already intimidating Marksman." This weapon and mod add to the Dragon's defensive stats with a powerful offense, making the Dragon an exosuit to be reckoned with.